Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Three of Vegan Living

Cool cool cool. So my mom is being pretty supportive about this vegan business and she made me some special cashew cheeze to ease my cravings for cow lactate. I should've taken pictures as it looks very intriguing, but I have to go to class in a few minutes so I don't have time at the moment.

Today I ate a flat bread filled with lettuce and a little bit of that crazy cashew cheeze. Also sriracha sauce. And later I had some tomato-like veggie soup. And then I went crazy and had two squares of dark chocolate. Oy vey!! And yes, the chocolate was vegan (except that it's made on equipment shared with dairy products, but who really cares!)

I'm skipping dinner tonight because I was rather naughty with that chocolate! Also because I watched America's Next Top Model (awful mind-numbing show) and felt crappy about myself.


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